Crete Real Estate Market and the Covid-19impacts (Chania Focused)

The recent health crisis was a major shock to the real estate market of Greece and Crete in particular. Uncertainties and risks about the duration of the current health crisis and its impact on the economy are very high and extremely difficult to predict.

However, countries like Greece with successful anti-pandemic programmes and Golden Visa schemes are more likely to be the focus of property investors once the current crisis is over and Crete should be (again) one of the most promising markets in Europe.


  • What are the new coronavirus restrictions in Crete?
  • What is the current situation for the housing market in Chania?
  • What are the future trends for the retail market?
  • Which sectors of the real estate market will be most affected and what opportunities are about to come?
  • How quickly can Crete’s real estate market recover?
  • The economic impact of COVID-19 in Crete
  • What does it mean for our clients?
  • Impact on real estate assets in Crete (by type)

You can read this research at ARENCORES – Chania Real Estate Experts

Crete Real Estate Market an… by ARENCORES

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